What We Can Do For You?

A+ service and products (down to the T where even if a label is not on correctly)

Going that extra mile and rectifying any wrongs i.e. delivery two days overdue which sometimes is out of our control

Future discounts for returning customers and gifts, as its always nice to be surprised with a parcel containing more than what you ordered (and gifts are random, not subjective to what you spend)

Full guidance to you even if you spend as little as £10 with us (we are here for the long haul)

Bringing you only the very best and unique blends the market wont release to you at an affordable rate

Achieve more with less, don't let finances and bunk gear become a hurdle in your goals

We work on volume (stock in and out) rather than maximising profit unlike other

Please, for those whom ask do we sell fake products; why bother selling fake products which are potentially harmful to our loyal customers, we get asked this mainly for those who are not knowledgable on the products to spot and know or believe we are too cheap to be genuine; we can afford to be cheap as we don't need ridiculous mark-ups and we invest a substantial amount and have the right links in order to do so. If that were the case, in the end who is really losing out? 

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